Reasons for Aadhar Card Application Rejection: Aadhaar Card Update

Reasons for Aadhar Card Application Rejection: Aadhar Card is an important document, the most used & common identity proof. Many people are applying for an Aadhaar Card update as UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has made the update process very easy. UIDAI has made many efforts to make the Aadhar generation and Aadhar update process hassle-free for the public. 

However, despite all the hard work of UIDAI, people face problems with Aadhaar card generation or updates. In this article, we will discuss possible Aadhar rejection reasons.

If your Aadhar card is rejected, you will be informed immediately through an SMS sent to your registered mobile number. You might want to know why an Aadhar card application is denied. This article lists the possible reasons for Aadhar card application rejection.

Reasons for Aadhar Card Application Rejection

Mismatch of details: If the details in your documents and the details provided in your Aadhar card application form do not match, your Aadhar card application gets rejected.

Technical reasons: Your Aadhar card application may get rejected due to technical reasons, such as poor internet connectivity or the server not receiving the information uploaded to your computer.

Biometric information issue: If your biometric information is similar to any other person with an Aadhar card, your Aadhar card application may get rejected.

Biometric details of the operator do not match the details registered with UIDAI- Sometimes, when you apply for an Aadhar card, the biometric information of the operator does not match the details already registered with UIDAI. Therefore, your application for an Aadhar is rejected.

Data processing error- Sometimes, when you apply for Aadhar card generation or update your Aadhar card, the application gets rejected due to a data processing error in the server. In any such case, you can apply again.

Incorrect address proof document- If UIDAI finds the address proof you provided for the Aadhar card application invalid, your Aadhar card application may get rejected.

Allowed update limit crossed- UIDAI has allowed people to update their Aadhar card. However, updates cannot be made any number of times. For example, date of birth and gender can be updated on an Aadhar card only once; name can be updated twice. The photograph can be updated multiple times. But you will have to pay the requisite fee for all such updates. If you have already crossed several updates in your Aadhar card and have applied for an update again, your Aadhar application may get rejected.

Aadhar card already generated: If you already have an Aadhar card and apply for another Aadhar generation, your application shall be dismissed as your biometric information has already been registered with UIDAI.

If you are an NRI (Non-Resident Indian)- If you are an NRI, your Aadhar card application shall be rejected as only Indian residents are entitled to an Aadhar card issued by UIDAI.

What Should I Do If My Aadhar Update Request/Application is Rejected?

We have listed why your Aadhar card update application might get rejected. If you are also facing the same issues, you may do the following things to address this problem:

  • You may visit the Aadhar Enrolment Center to update your application.
  • You can check the process and re-submit the form with accurate details.
  • Ensure that the documents you provide with the re-submission or the new application are all correct and up-to-date.
  • Review the name, address, and all other essential details to ensure no transliteration errors.
  • Ensure you self-attest all the documents before applying again for the Aadhar update.
  • You may also contact the UIDAI help desk. UIDAI has set up a Grievance Redressal System; the contact center has been set up by UIDAI so that people facing issues with Aadhar generation or Aadhar update may contact the officials.

UIDAI Helpline number: 18003001947

Email Address: [email protected]

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In this article, we have mentioned all the reasons for the Aadhar card application being rejected. Hope you like the information. For more such articles, please keep visiting our website. You can also join our WhatsApp and Telegram groups.


Q. Will I get a refund if my Aadhar update application is rejected?

Ans: No, you will not get any refund if your update request has been processed, whether accepted or rejected.

Q. Why is my Aadhaar card application getting rejected?

Ans: Your Aadhar Card application may get rejected due to a quality check or any of the reasons mentioned in the above article. If your Aadhaar card application is denied, you will immediately get an SMS on your registered mobile number. So, if you have received an SMS that your Aadhaar has been rejected, it is suggested that you re-enroll yourself.

Q. How do I resolve my Aadhar card application?

Ans: For problems related to an Aadhaar card, you may contact the UIDAI toll-free number – 1800 300 1947.

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