How to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence Online and Offline 2023

How To Link Aadhar With Driving Licence:- In today’s digital era, Aadhaar has become an essential document for every Indian citizen. With the government’s push towards streamlining administrative processes, it has now become mandatory to link Aadhaar with different documents. One such crucial link is between Aadhaar and a Driving Licence. 

This integration helps the government tackle issues like multiple licences and the issuance of duplicate licences. I will share detailed information on How to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence in this article. Let’s explore the process and understand how this linking Aadhar with Driving Licence benefits us.

Link Aadhar with Driving Licence Online and Offline
Link Aadhar with Driving Licence Online and Offline

Why you should Link Aadhar with Driving Licence

The Road Transport Authority of India issues a driving license, an important document in our daily life. It allows citizens to drive multiple vehicles (for example, a motorcycle, Car, Bus, Truck, etc.) in our country. If you lose or misplace your DL, you must get a duplicate Driving Licence. Linking Aadhar with your Driving Licence will help you to get a Duplicate Driving License Online with your 12 Digit Aadhar Number. It will also help you to renew your Driving License with some simple steps using Aadhar Card.

Why Government Wants to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence

As per the Road Transport Act of States, a citizen can hold only one driving licence. This DL is valid in all the states and union territories of India. That’s why you can’t hold multiple Driving Licenses. But some people hold multiple DLs for fraudulent purposes. That’s why Govt is planning to Link Aadhaar with Driving Licence, to eliminate the duplicacy of Driving Licenses. Linking Aadhar with Driving Licence will ease the application process for a New DL or Renewal of a DL.  

How to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence?

Linking your Aadhaar card to your Driving Licence is crucial for two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners. It serves two purposes – obtaining a new Driving Licence and renewing an existing one. You have two options online or offline to link your Aadhaar card to your Driving Licence. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of both methods.

Documents Required for Linking Aadhaar with Driving Licence

You might wonder about the documents required for this process. You do not need multiple documents. The following documents will be sufficient for this process:

  1. Passport size photographs
  2. Original Aadhar card
  3. Original Driving Licence

Online Process to Link Aadhar With Driving Licence 

To Link your Aadhar Card with Driving Licence, you will have to follow these steps. However, the method for linking Aadhar Card with Driving Licence is different for all States/UT. Here is the general process with some instructions: 

Step 1: To Aadhar with DL, visit the Transport Authority’s official portal of your State/UT.

Step 2: Now find out “Link Aadhaar” option in the Main menu of this portal

Step 3: Select “Driving Licence” from the drop-down menu on this page.

Step 4: Enter your ‘Driving Licence Number’ in the text box.

Step 5: Now click on the ‘Get Details‘ button.

Step 6: This will show a table with your Driving Licence details for verification purposes. 

Step 7: After this table, you will see another section with 2 blank text boxes. 

Step 8: In the first box, enter your 12-digit’ Aadhaar Number’, and in the second box, enter your ‘Mobile Number.’

Note: you must enter the same mobile number registered with Aadhaar.

Step 9: Before submitting, re-check the details and then hit the ‘Submit’ button. 

Step 10: You will get an OTP on the registered number, enter this OTP and Complete the verification process. 

These steps mentioned above are part of the general online process to Link Aadhar Card with Driving Licence for all the States and UTs. If someone wants to link their Aadhar Card with DL offline, they can check out the next section. 

Steps to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence Offline

To link your Aadhar Card with DL with the offline process, you will have to follow these steps: 

  1. Visit your nearby RTO office from which you got your Driving License.
  2. Here you must get a form to Link Aadhar and Driving Licence.
  3. Enter the valid Driving Licence and Aadhaar number and double-check these.
  4. Now attach photocopies of both Aadhar and DL with this form. 
  5. Submit this form to the RTO office.
  6. After that RTO office will cross-check your Details, and They will submit your Aadhar and DL link request. You will receive a confirmation SMS on the registered mobile number.

Benefits of Linking Aadhar Card to Driving Licence 

Linking Aadhar card with Driving License will benefit both Govt and the citizens of India. These are some benefits: 

  • By Linking Aadhar Card with Driving license, govt can bring the entire operation under a single roof. 
  • This Aadhar and DL Link program will help govt to fight fake and duplicate Driving license problems. 
  • It will help authorities access and validate the license information with a unified Aadhaar-based platform. 
  • It will ease the process of getting a driving licence for a citizen of India. After that, citizens can get their DL after 72 hours of completing their driving test. The manual process takes approximately 1 and a half months to get a DL.  
  • Transport department operations will be faster and easier, simplifying various processes for users.
  • It will reduce the number of road accidents because no one can get a license without clearing the driving test.
  • Linking Aadhaar with a Driving Licence will promote transparency and anti-corruption.

State-wise Transport Authority’s Websites to Link Aadhar with Driving Licence

State NameRelated Website
Jammu & KashmirTransport Department of Jammu & Kashmir
Chhattisgarh Government of Chhattisgarh
Nagaland Transport Department of Nagaland
Uttarakhand State Transport Department of Uttarakhand
Gujarat Transport Department of Gujarat
Jharkhand Government of Jharkhand
Meghalaya Transport Department of Meghalaya
Bihar Transport Department of Bihar 
Himachal PradeshTransport Department of Himachal Pradesh
Sikkim Transport Department of Government of Sikkim
Telangana Transport Department of Telangana
Manipur Government of Manipur
Assam Transport Department of Assam
Karnataka Transport Department of Karnataka
West Bengal Government of West Bengal
Kerala Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala
Maharashtra Transport Department of Maharashtra
Rajasthan Transport Department of Rajasthan
Madhya Pradesh Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu Government of Tamil Nadu
Mizoram Transport Department of Mizoram 
Odisha Motor Vehicle Department of Odisha
Uttar PradeshTransport Department of Uttar Pradesh
Arunachal PradeshTransport Department of Arunachal Pradesh
Delhi Transport Department of Delhi 
Punjab Transport Department of Punjab
Haryana Transport Department of Haryana
Tripura Transport Department of Tripura
Andhra Pradesh Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh


Linking your Aadhaar card to your Driving Licence is crucial for two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners in India. It simplifies administrative processes, prevents duplicate licences, and enhances transparency within the transport department. By connecting Aadhaar with Driving Licence, the government aims to streamline operations, reduce road accidents, and promote integrity. 

This integration brings various benefits, including access to a unified platform for authorized agencies, differentiating between genuine and fake licence, and establishing a centralized online database. Linking Aadhaar Card to a Driving License improves efficiency, promotes road safety, and contributes to a more transparent and accountable system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Is it mandatory to link Aadhar with Driving Licence? 

Ans. No, it is not mandatory to link your Aadhar card with your Driving License. However, in the future Govt of India can make it mandatory. 

Q. Is there any charge to Link Aadhar Card with Driving Licence? 

Ans. No, Citizens do not need to pay any kind of fee to Link Aadhaar Card with Diriving Licence. 

Q. How can I link my Aadhar card with Driving license in UP?

Ans. To Link Your Aadhar Card with Driving License in UP state, you can visit RTO office from which you obtained your DL. Request a form and fill in all the required information. And Submit this form to the RTO office in UP. 

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